Successful Classroom Management

Assessing Behavior In Children - A Practical Approach For Preschools

Managing Conflict

Safe Schools Strong Schools

Prevention Intervention

A Smooth Ride

Playground Management


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Other Drug Effects

Working With People With Disruptive Behavior Disorders

Living and Working with Children with Special Needs

Inclusive Strategies for Special Needs Learners

Motor Running Lost In Space

Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall

Working with Children and Adolescents with Bi-Polar Disorder

Strategies for Educating Students With Prenatal Drug Effects

Ideas that Work for Children with Sensory Sensitivities and
Their Challenging Behaviors!

Using the Patterns of Strengths & Weaknesses
for Identification in Special Education


Administrative Teams

Working With Difficult People

Time & Task Management For Teachers

Stress Management For Teachers

Succeeding with Challenging Students

The Key to Success: Winning with Parents

Creative Classrooms for At-Risk Children

Meeting the Needs of Struggling Learners:
Successful Strategies in Differentiated Instruction

Crisis Response Teams:
Best Practices for Strategies in Today's Schools


90-10: The Power of Non-verbal Communication

Nonverbal Communication: How to Read It and Use It Effectively

Parent Training: Kids Are Not Just Short Adults

Loss and Grief: Helping Children Say Goodbye

w w w . t o t a l b e h a v i o r m a n a g e m e n t . c o m
Total Behavior Management on-site workshops can be adapted to suit any behavioral issue. Participants walk away with hundreds of practical, easily implemented “best practice” strategies based on the most current research.

Workshops are available on issues such as:

Behavior Management for Schools

Learners With Special Needs

Parent Workshops

Specific Behavior Disorders

Executive Leadership and Workplace Dynamics

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workshop attendees:

"What a dynamic speaker with useful information for all children!"

"Excellent and well organized"

"Trainer was amazing. Lots of great info and ideas to use with staff."

"Very dynamic trainer, she spoke to my heart."

Workshops for a Diverse Audience: Executives and Administrators, Parents and Teachers, Elementary Education Assistant through College Professor

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