Research tells us that characteristics of serious behavior problems develop as young as age three. Preschools can be proactive training grounds for building the skills and responsibilities of future generations. Total Behavior Management is in tune with the most current research, pressing concerns, and best practices of quality preschool programs. From private providers to Head Start programs and early childhood special education, our team of behavioral experts have the answers to your questions about young children.

We specialize in:

- Strategies that build and enhance developmentally appropriate programs
- Effective behavior management techniques
- Identifying and dealing with "red flags" of serious behaviors
- Working with parents
- Ideas in impementing character education
- Developing individualized behavior plans and IFSP goals & objectives
- Current brain research

Our services include on-site consultation, motivational staff training, fun parent workshops, ongoing technical assistance, behavioral assessments, program reviews, resources & materials, and detailed written reports.
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