The team at Total Behavior Management believes the way to ensure success with any program is to identify key areas of need that are unique to your school, then address those needs in a straightforward manner. It can sometimes be difficult for an administrative team to examine these issues objectively and provide unique answers for staff. Our on-site consultation service is a cost-effective way to clearly and objectively address your specific needs.

Here's what TBM consultants will provide for you:

1. Meet with the administrative team to determine specific areas of concern.

2. An objective assessment of the current issues.

3. Observations in classrooms and throughout the school.

4. Individualized diagnostic-prescriptive assessment report.

5. Strategies, ideas and interventions to address the needs.

6. Meet with administrative staff and teams of teachers after the consultation.

7. Interactive, activity based presentations for staff and parents if needed.

8. Follow-up contacts, online support and listings of resources.

We want YOUR SCHOOL to be the BEST it can be!

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For consultation services, contact us:


(541) 390-6683

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