Kathryn Phillips, M.A., president and founder of Total Behavior Management, is a motivating,
dynamic, and thought-provoking presenter and consultant who believes that each child has
the right to reach his or her fullest potential in a safe learning environment. In her work, she
provides training and on-site consulting to make this vision a reality.

In addition to being the owner and president of Total Behavior Management, Ms. Phillips is a
college professor, published author, and has been a consultant to the Oregon Department
of Education. Her experiences include classroom experience from kindergarten
through high school, administration, international schooling, special education, and early childhood education.

In her over 30 years of experience as a trainer and consultant, Kathryn has worked with thousands of educators, parents, health and legal professionals on a variety of educational issues, including Comprehensive Behavior Management Systems, Effective Parent Involvement, and Violence Prevention. It is with this depth and expertise, along with her skills in educating students with behavioral issues that she brings to the team at Total Behavior Management.

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