Is your school ready for a staff development program that consolidates the major initiatives that most schools need to address into a comprehensive
and connected staff development plan that is accessible, practical
and coordinated?

If so, then this is the program for you!

All Four One is a cohesive, customized staff development plan that will help your school unite key ideas and language about gathering and using student data, classroom instruction, behavioral solutions and professional collaboration as well as administrative support and intervention into a systematic staff development program that empowers teachers and inspires students.

Led by expert facilitators and coaches, you will look at what you are already doing that’s working and build capacity from that point forward. This plan is designed to help you be focused and strategic about the staff development in your school and connect important initiatives into a do-able, sustainable program.
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All Four One

Components of the All Four One Program Include:

Response to Intervention:
   - Scientifically-based Strategic Interventions
   - Simplified Data Collection Systems
   - Formative Assessment
   - Universal Screening
   - Curriculum Based Measures
   - Formal Problem Solving Mode
   - Collaborative Team Solution Focus
   - Behavioral and Academic Monitoring

   - Differentiated Instruction: Teaching Strategies for All Learners–Special Needs, Gifted, ELL
   - Best Practices and Current Brain Research
   - Constructivist/Inquiry-based Learning
   - Meta-cognition and Self-assessment
   - Rigorous and Relevant Lesson Designs
   - Teaching for Understanding/Reaching Standards and Benchmarks
   - Integration of Technology
   - On-going Formative and Summative Assessment
   - Growing Effective Test Takers

   - Social Emotional Curriculum
   - Setting a Positive School-wide Environment
   - School-wide Student Management Plan
   - Building Community and Relationship in the Classroom
   - Creating Safe Learning Environments
   - Reduction in Office Referrals
   - Systematic Approach to Solving Behavior Problems
   - Specific Strategies for Unstructured Areas
   - Increasing Student Responsibility
   - Honoring Diversity
   - Character Education
   - Meeting Special Needs Proactively

   - Professional Learning Communities
   - Co-teaching/ Inclusion
   - Working Effectively With Parents
Services Provided:

The team at All Four One believes the way to insure success with any program is to identify key areas of need that are unique to your school and then address those needs in a straightforward manner. It can sometimes be difficult for an administrative team to examine those issues objectively, and provide unique answers for staff. Our on-site consultation service is a cost-effective way to clearly and objectively address the needs in your school. Here’s what All Four One consultants will provide for you:

   - Meet with the administrative team to determine specific areas of concern.
   - Provide an objective assessment of the current issues.
   - Multiple observations in classrooms and throughout the school.
   - Individualized diagnostic-prescriptive assessment report.
   - Strategies, ideas and interventions to address the needs.
   - Consultation with administrative staff and professional learning communities of
     teachers after the consultation.
   - Interactive, activity based presentations for staff and parents.
   - Follow-up contacts, online support and resources.

Your coaches:

Kathryn Phillips
Kathryn is a gifted educator with more than thirty years of experience in a variety of positions in schools. She has taught in general education settings as well as special education grades pre k-high school. She is a school psychologist, school administrator graduate school professor and previous consultant to the Oregon Department of Education. Kathryn is a life-long learner with a passion for creating workable programs that meet the needs of all learners. She is a talented coach and is nationally and internationally recognized as an expert on educational issue.

Kathryn is the author of five books on issues facing schools today including Dealing with Difficult Parents and Using Response to Intervention for Disruptive Student Behaviors. She provides behavior consultation to more than fifty schools a year through North America, Australia and Southeast Asia.

Kathleen Kryza
Kathleen Kryza is a life-long learner, an experienced teacher presenter and teaching coach. Kathleen is passionate, informed and committed to bringing the best educational practices to school and teachers, so that they can help ALL students succeed. She has taught general education, special education, and gifted and talented students. Kathleen has also worked with students of varying socio-economic and multi-cultural backgrounds She has taught and co-taught a variety of content areas at both secondary and elementary levels.

Kathleen is the co-author of the books, Inspiring Secondary Learners and Inspiring Elementary Learners, Kryza, Duncan and Stephens, Corwin Press, 2007/2008, and Winning Strategies for Test Taking, Denstaedt, Kelly, Kryza, Corwin Press, 2009. Kathleen is featured in the video, Differentiating Instruction in the Intermediate Grades, Bureau of Education and Research (BER), 2008. She has presented nationally for over 11 years for the Bureau of Education and Research (BER), and has presented for school districts locally, nationally, and internationally for 20 years on various educational and motivational topics.